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Second Edition and Kindle Unlimited

Lies of Light has had some small, but lovely changes with its second edition release in preparation for the next book's release early next year. First, it's now part of Kindle Unlimited!

Second, it's gotten a few new tweaks. The cover font has been updated to a thicker, easier to read font. A border has also been added to make the artwork, by the talented Kristina Bilota, stand out.

The back has also been modified to show part of the cover art instead of a generic design.

The interior has been switched from white paper to a softer cream color. And the title and chapter headers now feature some embellishments.

All of these decisions were made to help the cover of the next book, Sins of the Past, pop more. The previous title font was becoming lost in the artwork and the boarder draws the eye more to the cover art. I can't wait to share it with you when it get closer to release time! For now, here is a small teaser!

Sins of the Past will take part in the deserts of Nubaria as Noora and her brother Azel search for a way to cure the dark magic cursing the people of Acantha. More dangers await her than she faced in the previous book.

Be sure to follow me on social media to keep up with progress and release dates!

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