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Spooky Reads for Halloween

A little while ago, I wrote a short story and submitted it to an anthology. And surprise! It was accepted and the anthology has released!

The book is gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous.

Fireside description: We are a people of oral traditions, telling our stories to seek connection, and the fire has always been our story-telling place. The spellbinding nature of fire elicits from us tales of magic, of darkness, of the macabre. Moons. Witches. Folklore. Ghosts. This collection of short stories and poems are the tales we tell at the fireside.

Look for my short story, Brews & Books, inside!

It started with a cup of tea. Charlotte Hazelwood doesn't remember setting foot inside the quaint little coffee shop, nor can she shake the feeling there are dangers lurking behind the barista's sweet smile...
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