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A new short story set in the same world as Lies of Light!

Lies of Light

Something sinister lurks

in the illness plaguing

the people of Acantha.

Falls the Shadow

Mæja sets out to claim five treasures of the gods and stop Loki from being freed.

Melody of the Dark

The city of Brightstone holds more than just one of the godly treasures.

Opening of Lost Doors

Before Ostegard will yield its gates and treasure, Maeja must first prove her worth.

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To protect her village, Shiovra seeks aid from her betrothed -

a man she considers an enemy.

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Loyalties are brought into question and enemy ranks

crumble apart.

PT3 front.jpg


War looms and the village of

Tara is ripped apart but by the seed of betrayal.

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