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Here you will get a basic look into the different peoples who inhabit the world of Earnia. This page will be updated as artwork is completed. All the art was done by artist Ellen Brouwer and her art can be viewed on Instagram @ellenbrouwerartist



The people of Acantha tend to be low magic users with less than half the population being skilled as mages. They live in a fairly temperate climate and have fair skin tones. Acanthans tend to have white, blonde, or silver hair with light colored eyes in blue, green, and grey. Women enjoy wearing their hair long, often in a braid or a fancy bun. Men don't normally wear their hair longer than their shoulders. While not quite skilled with the arcane, they are talented craftsmen.


Nubarians are fairly skilled magic users who dwell in the hot deserts of Nubaria. Their skin tones range from warm tan to rich brown. Men often wear their ebony hair cut fairly short while women will either wear theirs at shoulder-length, their natural tight curls unbound, or in long braids. While shades of brown are the most common eye color among Nubarians, hazel and green are not completely unheard of. Wealthier women have been known to wear teal colored face paint on their lips and around their eyes, sometimes with gold embellishments.



Maahirans are incredibly strong magic users and as such, have created many magical marvels in their cities. They live in fairly temperate to cold climates. Their skin tones are generally shades of honey-brown. Maahirans have fairly unique hair that resembles the night sky; raven locks that shine with hints of blue and glitter with starlight. It's been said the more starlight to their hair the stronger their ability in the arcane. Eye colors range from brown, green, and hazel. Men don't tend to wear their hair too short and some will even let it grow well past their shoulders. Women wear their hair long, braided or in a bun, and always covered with a loose veil.  Both dress modestly.


Drekans are strong magic users and are often skilled in arcane combat. They are also the only race who can shift between a humanoid form and that of one that is essentially a dragon. They call the mountainous northern reaches of Andusk their home and as such, tend to wear warm clothing. Their skin tone tends to be light. Their hair and eyes match whatever their dragon form is. This is also reflected in their clothing. Drekans are given a name at birth that represents them in their beast form, such as Berylwing, Embercrest, and Icewing. Once they are considered adults, their chose a new name for themselves.



Danaens aren't well known for their mages as their abilities in the arcane is pretty low. They live in a fairly warm climate and rarely ever see snow in their lifetime. Their skin tones are varying shades of olive. Danaen people have brown or black hair that tends to be full, wavy, and tends to be worn long by both genders. Men and women Danaens have antlers that grow from their heads. Women will often decorate their antlers with strands of glittering beads. Eye colors range from shades of green, brown, and hazel.  Danaen women with often line their eyes with green makeup and both genders will paint dots across their cheeks. They prefer simple clothing in neutral shades of creams, greens, and browns.


Warders are fairly strong magic users and quite skilled in arcane combat. They can be found all over Earnia and can be of any race. Lore says that they were created by the Sister Goddesses of Andusk specifically to combat monsters created by dark magic. The only thing that distinguishes them from normal people are their eyes which are always a luminous jade in color and have slit pupils. There are very few Warders left in existence and they follow a set code of rules-- the most important being to stay neutral when it comes to politics and war. 



Deepstriders inhabit the oceans and seas of Earnia and are known to be slightly malicious in nature. They aren't very strong magic users but those who are skilled focus mainly in elemental magics, such as brewing up storms and massive waves to topple ships they find in their waters. Deepstriders are the reason the Drowned Ocean has its name. The females of the race are the hunters while the males raise the children. There are times when  Deepstriders are agreeable and will offer trades with the land folk of Earnia, but those trades usually come at a steep cost.


The Lihauan people are believed to be the embodiment of magic itself. They live on warm, forested islands between the Drowned Ocean and the Restless Ocean. They are incredibly strong and talented magic users, such is reflected in their glowing green hair.  They are a generally good-natured peoples who would prefer not to be brought into others' conflicts. Lihauans enjoy trading goods and produce a fairly large majority of the world's pottery, wood carving, cloth, and fish.



The peoples of Cyril are a stout people who a fairly adept at using magic, although they prefer to use what abilities they have with magic to help their craftsmen. Cyrilans are known for producing beautiful textiles and elaborate carved wood. Their skin tones range from fair to lightly tanned with hair in reds, browns, and black. Both men and women enjoy wearing their hair long and in braids. Eye colors for the Cyrilan people tend to be various shades of brown, green, and hazel. Clothing is often embellished with meticulous embroidery, with blues, reds, and white being the favored colors.


The Neusan peoples live in a cold, bitter climate. They are weak magic users and mages are so rare that all mages must be registered and carry with them a pendant proving thus at all times. Registered mages can be called to serve at any time. Nausan peoples tend to fair to tanned skin tones with blue, brown, green, or hazel eyes. Their hair, in shades ranging all the way from blonde to black, tend to be kept fairly short for both men and women to make it easier to wear warm headgear. Women like to wear long knit caps that often reach down to their knees.



Kireians are mid range to high magic users who live in a fairly temperate climate and are largely a family oriented society. Often a family will consist of grandparents and cousins all living in the same household caring for each other. The Kireian people have golden skin tones and dark brown to black hair. While men will often grow their hair to midback at most, women will grow their well past their waist. Their eyes range from browns, greens, and hazel and have slit pupils. They have pointed ears covered in tufts of fur and matching tails. Women will paint their top lip crimson and only put a stripe down the middle of their bottom lip. They also like to line their eyes with crimson paint.


The Astraean peoples are powerful magic users who are scattered all across Earnia in hidden communities. They are known as Lore Keepers by many as they have the most detailed knowledge and records of Earnia's history, even dating back to the creation of the world by the gods. A tall and lite peoples, their are known to have the most unusual appearance. The Astraean peoples have skin that shifts from a grey-blue hue to a deep purple-blue. Their hair is either pitch black or the purest of whites and is usually worn long by both genders. Their eyes glow vibrant hues of fuchsia and vermillion. The sclera of their eyes are black instead of white. They tattoo their faces with white lines and dots that often glow while they use their magic.

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