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12 Years of Writing

I published my first book in 2010. It was so long, it was split into a trilogy. The Priestess Trilogy was my cherished baby. Looking back on it today, I still hold fond memories, but I've also seen how much I've grown as a writer. When I switched publishers, The Priestess Trilogy got a major overhaul and adult scenes were added. While readers enjoyed it, I discovered that writing adult romance wasn't my thing.

What about The Chronicles of Midgard?

With The Chronicles of Midgard, I took somewhat of a gamers approach. The problem with that was I ended up with far too many characters and subplots, much like being given dozens of sidequests when you've barely touched the main quest. I had initially planned on combining the last two books of the series together and just making it a four book series.

I tried, I really did. After writing perhaps a third of the book, I decided enough was enough. While I hated disappointing my readers by dropping The Chronicles of Midgard, I didn't think it would be fair to them to release something I'd come to dislike writing. I love many of the characters and still do. But with all the other characters and subplots, it just got to be too much. And so, I made the hard decision to discontinue the series.

A completely fresh new world...

I'd found joy in writing books in the new world I'd created for the Darker Shade of Light series. It was a feeling I thought I'd lost. I've learned so much over the years and have great happiness when writing about the peoples inhabiting the world of Earnia. The world itself was created completely from scratch. Unlike The Priestss Trilogy or The Chronicles of Midgard, Earnia wasn't based on mythology nor was it greatly influenced by it. I created an entire world, peoples, and creatures from scratch.

Earnia is a massive world. Only small parts of it have been brushed upon with Lies of Light, Magic & Mayhem, and Embers & Ashes. I plan to write many novels and short stories in the coming years set in this wonderful world I've created.

I like how my writing style has grown and improved. The way I write now is greatly matured from my debut series. Not only that, but I try and limit the POV (points of view) in each book to at most two or three characters, and never within the same chapter. This seems to have been greatly appreciated by my readers.

What about Brews & Books?

I wrote Brews & Books for the Moms Who Write anthology called Fireside. It was not only my first attempt at writing something borderline horror, but also something that fit more into the urban fantasy genre than just flat fantasy. I had two very good friends be my test readers, who I can never thank enough for their thoughts and opinions (Seriously, thank you Monica and Emma!).

A few people have expressed wanting more of Books & Brews. Now, while the short story will be exclusive to Fireside for a year, I am considering adding to the story if that is something readers actually want. You'll have to let me know.

What's in the works?

I am currently in the process of writing Sins of the Past, book two of the Darker Shade of Light series. I do also have a few other ideas brewing, such as another Trilogy, a story based off a Dungeons & Dragons game I'm currently in, as well as some more Tales from Earnia short stories.

In twelve years I've written seven novels and three short stories with many more planned. I hope you'll keep sticking with me and hope you continue to enjoy my writing!

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