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New Look, New Update

A fresh new look to the website and an update on my writing!

Welcome to the newly updated website and blog! I figured it was time to give a more streamlined look to my website and make it simpler for readers to navigate! I hope the new look is liked by all!

“What are you currently working on?”

Well, I have a few current works in progress, actually. First, I recently submitted a creepy urban fantasy short story for consideration into a collection and am still waiting to see if it's been chosen. If it isn't, I hope to tweak it a bit more and hopefully have it available for Halloween. It's a short story about a coffee shop encounter that's quite magical and dangerous. I can't wait until I can reveal more!

Sins of the Past

My major current project is Sins of the Past, the next installment of my Darker Shade of Light series. It follows Noora's journey as she looks for a cure for the illness plaguing the people of Acantha. In her search, she will discover a secret buried beneath the sands of Nubaria. I do not know when Sins of the Past will be released, but I'm aiming for early next year.

The Shift

Another project I'm working on is The Shift. It is based off a tabletop RPG currently being run by my husband. I've been recording the sessions so I can slowly work on this book. Chapters will alternate between each player characters POV. I look forward to being able to bring this book to you, but as the game is still going, it will be some time before I am able to release it.

Tales from Earnia short stories

I had originally planned to release a new short story every year, but I found short stories even more of a challenge to write than novels. I do have an idea for the next short in mind, but I need to flesh it out a bit more to see if it'll work. I'm hoping to release a new short story sometime next year.

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