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Adventure, danger, magic, and a healthy dose of villains.

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Brews & Books

It started with a cup of tea.


Charlotte Hazelwood doesn't remember setting foot inside the quaint little coffee shop, nor can she shake the feeling there are dangers lurking behind the barista's sweet smile...

Brews & Books was originally a short story included in the Fireside: Modern Legends and Lore anthology by Moms Who Write. This new edition has additional scenes.

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I was unable to put it down as I entered the magical world that Melissa Sasina wove with intricate detail and heartfelt passion.

Review on Lies of Light from Amazon reader

Praise & Reviews

Among Sasina’s books, I think Lies of Light is her best written yet. As the first book in a new series and in a new fantasy world it is a great starting point...

Review on Lies of Light from Goodreads

The magic is incredible. The characters, whether major or minor are interesting and intriguing. I'm so looking forward to the next volume!

Review on Lies of Light

from Amazon reader


Upcoming Appearances

Melissa doesn't currently have any events at the moment. If you'd like her to appear at an event or for a signing, please fill out the contact form.


About Melissa Sasina

Melissa Sasina is an Ohio based fantasy author who is usually lost within her own imaginary worlds. She enjoys procrastinating on the internet, playing video games, D&D, and baking desserts when she's having inspiration blocks. You can summon her with stormy days, chai lattes, and chocolate.

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