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Earnia is a world ripe with magic and tales of daring adventures, untold dangers, and all around mischievousness. Follow the journeys of the people who live there and the trials they face in these short stories. Each short story is a stand-alone tale and can be read in any order.

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What could possibly go wrong when magic is involved?

When Ari Blackwood is sent to Mithralla, home to the most esteemed mages in all of Earnia, she soon learns she's been tasked with doing the impossible: breaking the known laws of magic. Will her unusual approach at the arcane be enough, or will her attempts prove disastrous?

embers and ashes.png


Magic can be as destructive as it is beautiful...

In a brief moment, Luciana Moretti's whole life is changed. Her family, her home, and her town are all reduced to ashes. Two strangers offer her a chance at revenge. But will she be strong enough to fight against the mages who destroyed everything she loved? Or will she become just another casualty?