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Hello there! For those of you who don't know me, my name is Melissa Sasina and I am an independently published fantasy author. I used to have a blog running on blogger and it was, to say the least, completely random and without any semblance of a schedule. With this blog, I'd like to focus on talking about writing and books. So, if there is anything you'd like me to touch upon, or just have a curiosity, please feel free to leave a comment! Now, onward to the easiest thing to talk about in this first post: current WIPs.

What's happening with the Chronicles of Midgard?

Fear not dear readers who love the book (and some who have threatened to come knocking on my door if I don't finish it soon), The Chronicles of Midgard was not forgotten while I was working on Lies of Light. It is indeed still an ongoing project. It was merely set aside so I could focus more. the fourth book of the series, Breach of Neutrality, is currently in progress and is my main focus. I'll try to not hurt too many characters...but I cannot guarantee anything. I can say that Breach of Neutrality is not the ending of the series, but it is very close.

The next chapter of the Darker Shade of Light series:

Noora's adventure will continue in Sins of the Past and will give the reader a glimpse into her life in the deserts of Nubaria as she struggles to find a cure for the dark magic the slowly spreading and corrupting the peoples of Acantha. Familiar faces will be making an appearance as well as a cameo of two characters from another book.

Tales from Earnia

While, I have not started the next short story for this collection, I have been slowly working on creating the characters and plot for the next tale. My goal is to try and release at lease one short story a year. I find short stories to be a challenge to write as I want to keep going and going, thus turning it into a novel. So, Tales from Earnia is a personal challenge to try and write a captivating story and characters in a few short chapters.

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