Warmer Days Ahead

The weather is finally starting to look agreeable here in Northeast Ohio. You know what that means? Outdoor writing! But before I can do that, I need to finish up the garden I'm putting in. When my husband and I bought this house last year at the end of June, the backyard was empty. The previous owners did nothing to it. No plants, no pathway from the back porch. Nothing.

I decided on two things the day we got the keys: I wanted the back porch to be a spot to relax and write, and I wanted a garden of some sorts. So, the first thing I did was find a comfortable patio set and a folding table so I could enjoy good weather days outside and write.

Second thing I did was to start collecting plants that were shade friendly. I wanted the garden to run along the back fence and that is a heavily shaded area. So, I started filling my back porch with shade or partial sun plants...which are nowhere near enough, but it's a start.

Yesterday, my son and I finally started planting some. I did more this morning until the storms started moving in.

I still have a bunch to plant, including some things my mother has for me, mulch to lay down, and the garden fencing to put in. But I feel that, down the road, the garden with help make the backyard not only beautiful, but more relaxing. Next my husband and I plan to lay a path from out back steps to the driveway as we use the back door more than the front.

We hope to install a retaining wall in the front yard as it's heavily sloped, but that'll be years down the road as it'll be expensive and we'll need to get a city permit. All in all, I do love our 100 year old home and look forward to fixing up the yard as time and money permits.

I look forward to all the outdoor writing I'll be able to do soon now that the weather is starting to stay warm 😊

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