Rough Days Ahead

The days are getting rough for everyone, so please forgive this long post.

As a reminder, I am giving Lies of Light away for FREE on Smashwords until April 14th for any readers who are interested and would like something to read while stuck indoors:

I wish I could offer more, but money is going to get tight for a while. My husband's work will close after Friday due to the virus shutting down one of their suppliers. My own day job is considered essential, but the pay isn't much and I do worry about bringing something home to my husband and son.

If you would like to show your support, please consider joining my Patreon ( or grabbing a copy of one of my books ( And, don't worry. not all support needs to be financial. We're all in this together. You can always just share this post or links to my books and/or Patreon. Even friendly comments are a much welcome form of support and love. It's going to be a rough so many weeks, I'm sure. I thank you for all the support you've given me so far and I hope that we all pull through this. Please, stay safe everyone!

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