New Year, New Decisions

After much thought on the matter, I've come to the decision that Breach of Neutrality will be the last book in the Chronicles of Midgard series. I had originally planned for the series to be five books, but over the years, I feel like I've just been dragging it out. I used to love writing the series and the characters, but I feel like their time has come and that the series with it's multitude of characters and subplots, needs to be wrapped up. I've grown so much as a writer since starting the series and have learned many things. One of which is that it is time for that series to end and to turn my focus on what I can do with my world of Earnia, both with my new series, the Darker Shade of Light, as well as with my short stories, Tales from Earnia.

As such, I've decided to combine Breach of Neutrality with what would have been the final book of the Chronicles of Midgard, Spear of the Gods. I hope that you, my beloved readers, are not too any with me in this decision. It was not made lightly. I would rather wrap up the series now, then potentially start hating it. Thank you for all your love and I hope that you continue to show your support for me and my writing in the years to come.

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