Character Interview: Ril

This interview with Ril from The Chronicles of Midgard series was originally posted on Booknvolume (link), but I wanted to be able to have it easily found. Hope you enjoy the snarky pirate.

Let’s start off simple. What is your name?

*sits book down* Ril.

That’s it? Just Ril?

I prefer Ril. After all, what respectable pirate walks around named Ril’Hounithra?

Didn’t know pirates could be respectable. So, did you always want to be a thief?

Tch. Don’t mix me with common thieves. I am a pirate.

Thief, pirate, what’s the difference?

I have an airship. And, no, I didn’t always want to be a pirate. However, an opportunity presented itself and I would have been a fool to turn it down. I got the escape I wanted. *smiles smugly*

It is said that your airship was your first act of piracy. Is that true?

Yes. I stole The Sacred Hart right out from under the Empire’s nose. They never saw it coming.

That weapon you carry called a mage gun, have you used it much?

No, and I would prefer not to. I really do detest bloodshed. I’d rather not soil my cuffs if possible.

Are mage guns common where you are from?

They are quite rare. This was the only one I’ve found intact. The High Order of mages ruled them dangerous and it’s forbidden to make more. After all, the town of Rhudan was leveled to ruins in an explosion making their bullets. It’s hard to find mages willing to make my ammunition.

I see you have purple tipped hair. Is that something that is natural for your race, or something you’ve done yourself?

Adding color to one’s hair is something those of us with higher class enjoy doing. Although…I have been considering letting it just grow out.

You said that adding color to hair is something the upper class enjoy. Does that mean you are of a higher class?

Of course. How could you assume anything less? *straightens the cuffs of his sleeves*

What about those colorful stones hanging from your ears? Do they have any significance?

They’re called speakstones and they allow me to get in touch with my contacts when I need certain information, or to ask for a favor.

So, tell me, is there any special treasure in particular that you have your eye on?

*grins* Of course. Such a rare and beautiful treasure. Unfortunately, I cannot divulge any more information on this subject.

What sort of hobbies might a pirate such as yourself have when not stealing away rare treasures?

I quite enjoy a good book. I have quite the collection in my quarters.

Do you have a favorite book?

Many, but I’ve always held a fondness for “One Hundred and One Tales of Odd Nese.”

Wait. Isn’t that a storybook for children?

Tch. Never dismiss a classic.

How about your traveling companions? What are your thoughts on each of them?

Maeja is an intriguing woman, a stubborn challenge I am quite enjoying. Connor and Linkyn are more trouble than they are worth most times and horribly foul mouthed. As for Mjrn, she is the perfect accomplice. She handles The Sacred Hart well when I need her to.

One last question. You seem to take pleasure in stirring up trouble. Why is that?

*grin broadens* I’m a pirate. It’s what I do. Where’s the fun in behaving?

Well, I’m afraid that’s all we have time for today. It’s been a pleasure talking to you.

Of course it has. *picks book up and returns to reading*

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