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In the world of Earnia, magic can be as helpful as it is destructive--something Noora Duskbourne knows quite well. As a healer, she's dedicated to helping those in need with her magic. When a dark and corruptive magic begins to spread across the continent of Andusk, she is determined to find a means of cure. Her journey will be a dangerous one that will uncover many hidden secrets long buried.



Book One

Skin black as pitch, nails like talons…


A mysterious illness creeps through Acantha’s people—one that even the most powerful healers’ magic cannot touch. When the affliction proves to be something far more sinister and a family dies, Noora Duskbourne finds herself trapped. Blamed by the King for the incident, Noora’s only ally in her escape from the King’s fury is Vaeros, a man whose identity is shrouded in mystery. However, safety is not quite at hand as she is pursued by a Warder as skilled in the hunt as he is with the deadly arts of arcane combat. A path wrought with danger awaits Noora and Vaeros as they discover that something harrowing lingers in the light—an ancient darkness that refuses to remain forgotten.